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” Simply put…this is a beautiful oil. For all the maroke lovers…this one smells like a maroke who has been licked by a borneo. Very smooth and quite relaxing even though its actually quite a powerful, dark oil. As brother Taftazani describes, it is not a one-dimensional oud by any measurement…you really cant go wrong with this as far as I’m concerned. ”

T.G. Dubai

Candan Fantasy: Amazing! I can’t convince myself this is not a high grade Papuan Gyrinops distillation! No swamp, no dampness, only Maroke refinement…A sweeter version of Ensar Green Papua :)…I’m considering a full bottle.
AQB Dearborn, MI, USA.


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Candan fantasy is a newly breed of candan , if you ever come across with candan oil before usually they will have a single flat aroma, but not this candan.
She is a lively candan with sweet jasmine tea ! top notes, with a hint of Papuan oud !! Yes Papuan !! Herbal vanillic and deep also rich without dampness of swamp of the Papua. The strangest thing is they are apart almost 10.000 Km away folks! And she come from another species not Grynops or Filaria. She is Aquilaria Hirta from the tip of Sumatra, Aceh. She is so sticky on your skin if you ever put her on your wrist and she hit your shirt sleeves, she will stay there! And further more scent you again and again when you use your scented clothes.

جاندان فانتاسي

فردي و سهلي
إلا أن بينه و بين جندان حقنا فرق
هذا الدهن حي عنده شم الشاي بنكهة ذروة ياسمين الحلو بصفة دهن بابووا وغني بشم اﻷعشاب و فانيليا بدون شم رطوبة المستنقع الذي يوجد عادة شم بابووا

مميزة هذا الدهن أنه ليس من بابوا لكن من جزيرة مسافته ١٠٠٠٠ كيلومتر من بابووا وهو من جنس متفرق من جرينوبس
و فيلاريا
فهو من جنس أقوويلارييا هيرتا
النابت في سوماترا في آتجيه

هذا الدهن يلصق طويلا

في الجلد يكفي بمسحه في معصمك و ياقة ثوبك و شمه دائم ما دمت لابسا ذاك الثوب

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