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Indonesia is the most diverse place of oud producing trees, out of more than 33 species, 16 of them is in Indonesia, from rain forest to pasture land of the east. Indonesia is rich which also produce one of the best sandalwood in the world. With our decade long experience in making artisan oud and half decade in making artisan sandalwoood oil and mukhallat.

Greetings from Indonesia

We apply special techniques and acquire special material to create a special oil. Our interpretation of oud oil is simple

“ It must be as close as to a slowly burned oud chips.”

But again we are the artist, we can interpret this art into something else which is limitless.

Purity is our guaranteed assurance.

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Very happy with this purchase
Mashallah .This oil is on the soft side, but oh my! Doesthe scent penetrate straight to the heart . A soft sweet/ zesty smell with a bit of mint and the undeniable oud smell. The dry down is citrus imo . No barnyard no fecal notes present. And for the price offered I had to purchase 2 . Very happy with this purchase alhumdullilah. Thank you for the great deal br. Mohamad !
Queens, US
Phenomenal scent. So deep, incensy and mysterious
Phenomenal scent. So deep, incensy and mysterious. This one begins with a blast of citrus and spices. The citrus is refreshing slightly greenish and the spicy nuances almost comparable to the finest combination of cardamoms and cloves. So unique. As it descends down I get rich peppery woodiness and the oud dna shines ultimately becoming a comforting sweet smokiness. This oud feels very sensual and has slight sweetness and creaminess like Mysore Sandalwood. The projection in personal and longevity is excellent. Thanks to the artist for making a unique scent. I will save up and get a full bottle of this. Rare gem.
Just incredible price for this quality
Just incredible price for this quality. So creamy and sweet. I get notes of guava, bananas and spices. Specially a big load of CLOVE. It’s so clear and easy to notice. Then it turns into a sweet smoky oud. Just amazing.
One of very few oils from this area with 0% “dumpiness and swampy ground” notes
Angered, SE