Papua Remix

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Papua Remix is unlike other Papuan oil, are you getting bored by the same old trails of Papuan oud ? The old herbal root, bogs or swamp smell resin rich aromas? Not this one, this one is very new breed of Papuan oud. With a new collaboration between agarwoodindonesia and a fellow distiller we made this oil. What make it different is they are not your typical Papua. Sweet terpenic aroma at kick start, deep berries, slight alcoholic aroma, slides into citrus and lingering trough your nostril jump again into deep resinous of traditional papua, then into smokey sweet notes, jump again into more citrus terpenic and then classic papuan end notes. In short this oil will amaze you. The price is also peaceful, due the process we found making it possible to optimize the yield so would not break your pocket

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  1. Ahmad

    Just incredible price for this quality. So creamy and sweet. I get notes of guava, bananas and spices. Specially a big load of CLOVE. It’s so clear and easy to notice. Then it turns into a sweet smoky oud. Just amazing.

    One of very few oils from this area with 0% “dumpiness and swampy ground” notes

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