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  • Mukhallat 01

    Mukhallat Kosong Satoe ( 01)


    “Sweet, deep incense and fresh, oud on the dry down is this mukhallat offer. “ We build this mukhallat with 7 ingredients that is native to our land Indonesia. Inspired by our daily tropical life, and being with oud within more than a decade had made us venture into creating this mukhallat. Sweet, deep incense…

  • Oud Barat Laut

    Barat Laut Oud


    At first swipe you have the Kalimantan high resin. Piercing top note but very refine. Deep kynami like aroma to my nose. Then citrusy, oudyness after the jump start, goes vanillic orange, sweet menthol on the heart, and then goes bittery yet sweet on the heart notes, teh end notes will remiscent you of Papua oud but sweeter version.

  • Oud Papua Remix

    Papua Remix


    Papua Remix is unlike other Papuan oil, are you getting bored by the same old trails of Papuan oud ? The old herbal root, bogs or swamp smell resin rich aromas? Not this one, this one is very new breed of Papuan oud. With a new collaboration between agarwoodindonesia and a fellow distiller we made…

  • candan-agarwood-oil



    ” Simply put…this is a beautiful oil. For all the maroke lovers…this one smells like a maroke who has been licked by a borneo. Very smooth and quite relaxing even though its actually quite a powerful, dark oil. As brother Taftazani describes, it is not a one-dimensional oud by any measurement…you really cant go wrong with this as far as I’m concerned. ”

    T.G. Dubai

    Candan Fantasy: Amazing! I can’t convince myself this is not a high grade Papuan Gyrinops distillation! No swamp, no dampness, only Maroke refinement…A sweeter version of Ensar Green Papua :)…I’m considering a full bottle.
    AQB Dearborn, MI, USA.

  • Placeholder



    Grha Jati is a unique oud oil indeed, it is an oud from three major islands of Indonesia. Papua, Kalimantan and Sumatra. It is 80% Papua and others goes to 20%, the result is unique none of the kind oud. If you are a wood lover you will love this oud. The top note is…

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