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  • Sumbawa Oud

    Oud Oil Sumbawa Negeri Samawa


    In 3 ml and 0.25 ml Sampler

  • Blue Malinau Oud Oil B

    Blue Malinau Oud Oil B


    In Sampler 0.25 ml Size And 3 ml Size.

    All price is with DHL worldwide shipping.


  • Blue Malinau Oud

    Blue Malinau Oud Oil A

    “Subtle and tranquil the classic woody sweet citrus of Malinau is what will you get from this Blue Malinau Oud Oil.” This oud oil is subtle and tranquil the classic woody sweet citrus of Malinau oud oil is what we can say. If you are looking for classic Malinau that you are long wait this…

  • Jambi Oud


    Affordable oud oil. Full bottle  3ml size.

  • Oud Ibrahim Abu Tauhid


    Ultra Limited Oud Ibrahim Abu Tauhid at 3 ml size.

  • Mukhallat 02

    Mukhallat Kosong Doea ( 02)


    “Fresh, citrusy and spice also oud on the dry down is this mukhallat offer. “ Freshness punch is the key in this Mukhallat Kosong Doea ( 02) an alter ego of his sibling, the Kosong Doea is young man with energy and wit. You never tired to scent it. Get it now ! Ingredients: Ingredients…

  • Mukhallat 01

    Mukhallat Kosong Satoe ( 01)


    “Sweet, deep incense and fresh, oud on the dry down is this mukhallat offer. “ We build this mukhallat with 7 ingredients that is native to our land Indonesia. Inspired by our daily tropical life, and being with oud within more than a decade had made us venture into creating this mukhallat. Sweet, deep incense…

  • Aceh Oud

    Aceh Seulawah Oud


    3 ml size bottle and 0.25 ml sampler available.

  • Oud Sentana Dalem II


    Behold the Oud Sentana Dalem II !

    The piercing top note that hallmark of Oud Sentana Dalem, you will find it here too. The difference is yet the aroma is more on the Oudy, Vanilla, Citrus, Storax Benzoin side.  Mature version of it’s predecesor the Oud Sentana Dalem. A very limited item

  • Oud Barat Laut

    Barat Laut Oud


    At first swipe you have the Kalimantan high resin. Piercing top note but very refine. Deep kynami like aroma to my nose. Then citrusy, oudyness after the jump start, goes vanillic orange, sweet menthol on the heart, and then goes bittery yet sweet on the heart notes, teh end notes will remiscent you of Papua oud but sweeter version.

  • Oud Flora Stepa

    Oud Flora Stepa


  • SandalOud Finale

    SandalOud Finale


    It has an extremely sandaly quality without actually smelling like sandalwood. I think the wood probably had some naturally santatol content.

    Tahasyed of agaraura.

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