Blue Malinau Oud Oil A


“Subtle and tranquil the classic woody sweet citrus of Malinau is what will you get from this Blue Malinau Oud Oil.”

This oud oil is subtle and tranquil the classic woody sweet citrus of Malinau oud oil is what we can say. If you are looking for classic Malinau that you are long wait this is the one you are waiting for.

The Blue Malinau oud oil. The Blue Malinau oud oil is dark green with a blue tint, with the fresh classic opening of Malinau Oud oil, citrus, floral, slight kerosene-like aroma, peppery cola transfer itself into Sweet Woody of heated oud chips on a slow-burning, reminiscent of oud wood storage room, when the aroma whiff out from the room, then slowly the orange, elemi fresh green lemony, then into the oud smoke and on the dry down the scent of the sweet aroma of oud wood chips. This is the Blue Malinau A.  In which faithful to its Malinau Character. Will give great enjoyment to real Kalimantan/ Borneo Oud, the Legendary Malinau.

Why this oil is greenish-blue?  It’s because there is a presence of Azulene inside the oil, usually, we found this in Sumatra oil yet it also found in Malinau Oud.  Also after GC MS tests on many oils, we found this compound not exclusively in Indonesian oud oils, report of such present can be found in another country such as Malaysia.

Oud oil is unique especially wild oud, there are possibilities this can happen to plantation oud it depends on the agro climate of the tree being grown especially the soil.

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  1. Agarwood Indonesia

    Blue Malinau by meneer @the_oud_oil_artist ⁩
    today we have this eccentric oil that opens up with, what I catch as bizarre notes that are unique, I had never sniffed before. How do I put it? Floral petrichor with wet-damp earth/mossy nuances. Over time it became softer with a slightly zesty-bitter orange aroma. The middle parts are equally unique, have a subtle cola note that combines with violet-like purple floral along with hints of antique wooden furniture that somewhat dusty aroma. And with this Oil now I can conclude that every distillation done by Mr. Taftazani, has this aroma. The unique aroma that only he can achieve, the DNA, the Watermark of his creation, his art. An aroma that is zesty, powdery, and fizzy, sprite-like soft drink aroma, that always present during the transition of middle to base notes. My favorite part, that I crave the most. Then come the base notes that are like a Musk in Sandalwood maceration. If you listen carefully enough you Will find it. It presents 3-4hours after application. this is my personal experience and could be different from others. As scent is varied subjective.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to test the aroma of Blue Malinau
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