Jambi Oud

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Affordable oud oil. Full bottle  3ml size.

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Sweet, fruitty honeyed, mentholic floral oud chips.This is the aroma of this unique and affordable oud.

It has been a while that our fine oud line is not available, because quite difficult to get decent and affordable raw material. Now we are back to bring you the fine oud line with this oil. Oud Jambi is the most affordable oud we ever made, it offers a journey to oud without bitting your wallet. A great oud for novice also for connosieur for daily use. Sweet, fruitty honey,mentholic oud chips. Also addition of hallmark of  Sumatra. Well Jambi is in Sumatra, but with the process we are doing you will find a different experience.

Affordability also good is our goal. Embark to oud journey with Jambi Oud.













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