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  • Oud Al Falembani


    Affrodable Fine Artisan Oud Oil from agarwoodindonesia. Great quality vs price. Comes in 0.25ml sampler and 3 ml full bottle.

  • Jambi Oud


    Affordable oud oil. Full bottle  3ml size.

  • Aceh Oud

    Aceh Seulawah Oud


    3 ml size bottle and 0.25 ml sampler available.

  • candan-agarwood-oil



    ” Simply put…this is a beautiful oil. For all the maroke lovers…this one smells like a maroke who has been licked by a borneo. Very smooth and quite relaxing even though its actually quite a powerful, dark oil. As brother Taftazani describes, it is not a one-dimensional oud by any measurement…you really cant go wrong with this as far as I’m concerned. ”

    T.G. Dubai

    Candan Fantasy: Amazing! I can’t convince myself this is not a high grade Papuan Gyrinops distillation! No swamp, no dampness, only Maroke refinement…A sweeter version of Ensar Green Papua :)…I’m considering a full bottle.
    AQB Dearborn, MI, USA.

  • Placeholder



    Grha Jati is a unique oud oil indeed, it is an oud from three major islands of Indonesia. Papua, Kalimantan and Sumatra. It is 80% Papua and others goes to 20%, the result is unique none of the kind oud. If you are a wood lover you will love this oud. The top note is…

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