Mukhallat 02

Mukhallat Kosong Doea ( 02)

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“Fresh, citrusy and spice also oud on the dry down is this mukhallat offer. “

Freshness punch is the key in this Mukhallat Kosong Doea ( 02) an alter ego of his sibling, the Kosong Doea is young man with energy and wit. You never tired to scent it. Get it now !

Oleum Aetoxylon Sympetalum.
Oleum Aquilaria spp.
Oleum Coriadrum Sativum (Semen)
Oleum Storax Benzoine Sumatrae.
Oleum Santalum Album ( Cordis Lignum).
Oleum Radix Chrysopogon zizanioides.
Oleum Curcuma Amada.


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