Sentana Dalem

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I have had a few people PM me about this one so I decided to make a review.Im not good with reviews but I will tell what I get.At the top it starts off with citrus,like lemons and orange peels,very sweet.In the mid I get a smell very similar to burning chip on high heat,you know when it has that zing to it?(prob. just me) then it mellows down to chip on low heat.At the base I get that intense ouddy smell that then fades out to sweet wood.Longevity great and projection above average.Also I would like to point out that the price was $185 shipped to the US which is excellent for the quality.



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What is royal ? he or she who are inline in blood with the king and the queen are. This is what Sentana Dalem all about, he is an oud that is a royal, not just any royalty but a sibling for the king or queen themselves. Sentana means the kings male relative, usually they are the closest noble to king. Dalem is from the polite form to hail the king in Javanese.

Sentana Dalem will guide you to the oud of the princes, a shining bold top note with citrus, berries and wood at the top note, calm down on the heart he will transport you to the hall of oud, oud smoke are everywhere filling your nostril with oud along the way, the hall of oud goes very long then the dry down will take you to the sweet peppery woody dry down. Words are not enough to describe. Enjoy it while you can.

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  1. Ahmad (verified owner)

    To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m worthy of reviewing a fantastic oud like this. I’m speechless. Just fantastic and I can’t get how the price is so low for this high quality. This is an oud that even my wife loved, and she don’t like oud.

    It’s so sweet and citrusy with a little mild smokiness. And it only becomes sweeter and sweeter with a bit oudiness added to the depth. Just fantastic I need to get some more.

    One of my best blind buys

    • Agarwood Indonesia

      Thank you for your trust and your complement. Enjoy our art.

  2. Nikhil S

    Phenomenal scent. So deep, incensy and mysterious. This one begins with a blast of citrus and spices. The citrus is refreshing slightly greenish and the spicy nuances almost comparable to the finest combination of cardamoms and cloves. So unique. As it descends down I get rich peppery woodiness and the oud dna shines ultimately becoming a comforting sweet smokiness. This oud feels very sensual and has slight sweetness and creaminess like Mysore Sandalwood. The projection in personal and longevity is excellent. Thanks to the artist for making a unique scent. I will save up and get a full bottle of this. Rare gem.

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