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  • oud-sentana-dalem

    Sentana Dalem


    I have had a few people PM me about this one so I decided to make a review.Im not good with reviews but I will tell what I get.At the top it starts off with citrus,like lemons and orange peels,very sweet.In the mid I get a smell very similar to burning chip on high heat,you know when it has that zing to it?(prob. just me) then it mellows down to chip on low heat.At the base I get that intense ouddy smell that then fades out to sweet wood.Longevity great and projection above average.Also I would like to point out that the price was $185 shipped to the US which is excellent for the quality.



  • fine-bengalon-oud-oil

    Fine Bengalon


    Fine Bengalon is a simple classic type of eastern Borneo oud oil, simple introduction to the oud oil journey. If you are very new to oud, we suggest you this oil for a great introduction to the love of oud oil. We recommend you to take a the full 12 ml for enjoyment in quality…

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