Oud Flora Stepa


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“Imagine you are in the meadow, with breeze of wind touch your face, the sweetness of grass, the blue sky in the horizon, and wild honey in nearby tree. What if these experience are inside a bottle?”

Oud Flora Stepa is a trip in the bottle, the sweetness of the meadow and the grass, the breeze of wind is all there. Crafted from Gryinops Verstegii from East Nusa Tenggara, the oud stepa family is a pioneer in it’s form.

The flower bloom aspect of this oud oil made the name Oud Flora Stepa, due it has flowery notes which is least pronounce in oud Stepa.

Oud has being percepted as if not “animalic” than “woody” if not “resinous incense” what if we broaden your mind? With OUD FLORA stepa.


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