Ratu Kencana


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Ratu Kencana is the queen of our oil, sh is in traits with the previous agarwoodindonesia’s oud ratu. But she is more mature in many ways compare to oud ratu. Her grace will awe you and taking you into the world of royalty. Ratu Kencana means the Golden Queen. She was created from high grade incese chips, breakaway of super and AB grade woods. The top notes full of berries and flower also spices, her heart is pure bliss ouddyness, her end notes is the top notes of green gold and her dry down the smoke of oud.  Very limited stock only 1 ml on stock.

  1. Naser

    I tried it or actaully I have the other 12 ml of this wonderful artistan oud which was created by an artist, when you smell it it takes you to different world and immediatly your mood will be changed to royality atmosphere.

    Thanks Mohamed

    • Agarwood Indonesia

      glad you like them 🙂 hoping to create much much better.

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