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Hi there, back again with agarwoodindonesia.

Today is cloudy in Yogyakarta and yesterday I was stuck for six hours at my friend’s place because of the rain. But rain to my believe is blessing without it there will be no life on this earth.
Ok, let ‘s get on to today’s topic. What makes oud unique ? I know people wonder why oud has it’s price and for tiny drop it is 20 times expensive of EDP or even perfume.

Firstly the types and species of oud producing trees are a lot, 30 species are counted. From these 30 species 16 is in Indonesia.

They are :

  1. A. Malaccensis (Syn with A. Agalocha)
  2. A. Beccariana
  3. A. Microcarpa
  4. A. Hirta
  5. Gyrinops caudata (Gilg) Domke
  6. Gyrinops decipiens Ding Hou
  7. Gyrinops ledermanii Domke
  8. Gyrinops moluccana (Miq.) Baill.
  9. Gyrinops podocarpus (Gilg) Domke
  10. Gyrinops salicifolia Ridl.
  11. Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke

Others goes to family of gaharu buaya the Gonystylus in which they are a lot more in their species.

So besides their numerous species what makes oud unique ?

it is the aroma my friend, yes the aroma cannot be copied with man made perceived aroma, a great oud oil will have a an aroma like a finished perfume, it has it’s top note, middle note and basenote. Not just note but notes if processed correctly. It is a finish perfume but what make it difference it is 100 % natural. Moreover every area has their own scent also every distiller has their own “finger print” on their oil.  You can tell which area it is if just by sniff it. This ” finger print” is also apply on area, two different area would produce a different kind of oil  even from a single species.

Allow me to explain dear readers,  A. Malaccensis from East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan is different with it’s  cousin from South and Central Kalimantan. East will go strong and high on the top while the South and Central Kalimantan will go strong on middle and basenotes.  Other case if you jump to Sumatra the notes will be totally changed!

But one notes that is a marker of oud that cannot lied is the present of sweet musky odor or it’s derivates at dry down, a little vanillic like you smell the aroma vanilla ice cream .

Another unique thing is oud has it’s own measurement it is tola. Tola was originally from India at 11,33 grams. The mass weight of agarwood oil or oud oil is 0,8-0,9 grams/ ml

so 1 tola=12 grams at approx.

So it is very different with western style perfume that goes volume based in which you get great deal if you get alot of volume, oud isn’t work that way since oud need to be sell in it’s purest and undiluted state or else you cannot really enjoy it.

A funny story that when I joined a fragrance group in facebook. One of it’s member commented that agarwoodindonesia is selling samples instead of real volume. I am afraid that is not true because selling oud oil had being this way from decades ago. Even before  agarwoodindonesia exist. And that my dear readers that makes oud unique.

I think that’s all for today and have a nice day. Thank you.

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