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Oud Oil Raw Material

Back again with agarwoodindonesia.

Ah rainy season is here, like  old GnR song November rain seems very suitable for this month. So let’s talk about oud price.

A tiny bottle of oud can worth few hundreds dollars or thousands of dollars, is that common ? The answer is yes it’s common for oud.

Why it is soo expensive??

Firstly it is rare item secondly to obtain just 12 ml of oud you need a whole bunch raw material it can be 12 Kg of raw material if you want to get 12 ml of oil or more.

Imagine you compress 12 Kg of wood into 12 ml of oil…so it means that a cart box full of wood is being compress into 11,66  grams of oil.

So if we think average price of raw material out there is between let’s say 10 US$/ Kg up to 300 US$/ Kg and the yield is 0.05%-0.3% of out of the weight you can do the calculation…Plus the rarity of the raw material.

In order to make oud ratu.  I  waited for 3,5 months just to get the raw material collected, to collect such dust even for a big dealer of agarwood need to wait  for quite long.

So the point it is costly.  Not only that it’s like a sword making or bow making, it is an art like the art of perfumery itself.

Oud unlike western perfume is quantified in tolas which equal to 11.66 grams or 12 ml so  it is very different with western that use ml, like we had mention before on the previous article.

People may think 100 ml of 120 US$ of western style perfume compare to 12 ml of real oud oil make oud expensive. But in reality it is at the same price even western perfume is much much expensive because mainly what they sell with oud scented or with oud oil in it is  at minimum 10 times dilution of oud oil.  But oud scented perfume will radiate only a small portion of oud  or the interpretation of the perfumer to oud then transmitted to crowd by his or her’s perfume work. Rarely can smell like the real thing.

So which is which is expensive ? It is up to your choice.

Thank you for reading and a have a nice day.

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