oud-oil-project "J" -raw material

Oud Oil ” Project J” is a custom  oud or agarwood distillation done for our local client. This project is also becoming our bridge to craft the most ambitious oud we ever done.

Check up the video for the story, this was done for a gentlemen in Jakarta with his initial is also “J” so the naming project “J” is a proper naming. The customer was so pleased and happy with this oil. If you would like to do your own custom mad oud or agarwood distillation. We will are ready to take up the challenge.

The project using classic agarwoodindonesia technique, the end result was oud chips in liquid , a ttrue oud perfume at it’s finest. Again if you wish for custom oud or agarwood distillation yu may contact us in at [email protected]. We accept the challenge  with open hand.


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