This is the saga of our Candan Agarwood

( Aquilaria Hirta)

I will talk about Candan agarwood oil , what is Candan actually, there are some naming candan gunung, candan buluh and so on.  Candan can be named as aquilaria hirta or aquilaria beccariana in some places. But this time is about candan agarwood oil. Today  I want to share what we are doing at the backstage. We are venturing a new tech folks that can maximize the potential of raw material

Usual candan are very deadly resinous, if you are a wood collector being resinous is great because you can enjoy the chips for very very long time. But to us distiller resinous wood=nightmare, due the wood will have very very few oils, because the oil is trapped together with the resin, and the way to do it is to melt it down with solvent … be it alcohol, methanol etc.. in which it is out of our goal. Which to gain a beautiful oil as close to the chips or even better.

That’s why using a thousands of dollar of resinous woods is dumb dumb move to our experience, simply a waste of  $$$.  But that’s old time story, we and our colleague had discover a tech to make resinous material from oud to become both viable and beautiful. And this is go to our candan.

The tech is also use for At-Tashrif, even At-Tashrif is proceeded than the candan. But why are we talking about candan more than At-tashrif?

Do the fact that candan had shifted into something unimaginable before. The smell shifted so far beyond what I expected to be. The tech really works out very well.

I am not going to go detail about this tech, but this tech is inspired by Taha of agaraura during my Malaysian trip to install and train his new distiller in Sabah. Inspired here doesn’t mean it is the same way done by agaraura rather we do our own twist.

I thank Allah for this blessing, I am thinking of shifting many area on my mind. The list is long people!! Since there are so many unexplored terrains in agarwood. Especially in Indonesia. Thank you for your time reading this,  have a nice day.


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