GC MS of Oud Oil Indah Kemilau.

On last February 2015, agarwoodindonesia had done an analysis to one of it’s oil oud indah kemilau . The oil was coded by abbreviation Kaltim, which stand for Kalimantan Timur or simply in English “East Kalimantan”. The analysis is done by an independent third party laboratory. It was Laboratory for Basic Physic and Chemistry, Department…

Variety of scent the true uniqueness of oud oil

“As for the natural cause it is the wood itself that smell animalic or barnyard, for the case is Indian oud wood it has leathery smell not sharp but detectable and at anytime you will knew the difference between it’s Indonesian counter part namely the Kalimantan, in which they are more on the floral side….

Is Real Oud Oil Much Expensive Compare To Oud Scented Perfumes?

“Is real oud oil much expensive compare to oud scented perfume ?” Hello and good afternoon Indonesia time for you dear readers, The weather is still hot outside and it hasn’t rain yet and it passed it’s usual period of dry season. And hoping it will be get raining soon. How I much I missed…

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