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Being vacuum for a while because we are planning something heehehe. Very glad that with the new smart phone, I can update this website especially this blog at anytime and almost any places.

Well let’s start the discussion, this time is about oud oil thickness related to its quality.

I know there are several stance here.

  • The people who are really emphasize and insisting that oud oil thickness is quality parameter.
  • The people who are really disregard  oud oil thickness as  a quality marker.
  • The people that  stance in between these two opinions.

So let’s get scientific, what cause oud to be thick?

The answer is


You will notice that essential oil have their life cycle, when freshly distilled it has strong and light odor, especially oud. But when it  started to age, gradually the strong and light odour dimished then “aged” notes will started to surface. The aroma would goes “deeper” meaning it instead of strong puncturing your nostril, it would be take you to go down below.

But thickening ? That not always be happening, we have an oil that we distill in 2014, quite old. But thickening never happened. Polymerization happened when 2 factors met. Oxidation and high temperature. If oil was kept properly polymerization will never happened.

So if you found an ultra thick ” oud” it may not be the oldest aged oud at all.

A trader can simply  add additive to it and or intentionally oxidize and heated the oil up to crank up the price.

As for us in agarwoodindonesia, we do not believe that thickness is the one of quality marker, rather we believe in aroma and purity are the key feature for quality.


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