Bungong Jeumpa Two

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Sweet, grape, incense like, a vibe of old time super king in the past.


Our journey to the oud oil  world had begun a decade ago with Aceh oud, it is our first success in distillation. Somehow it is sentimental to have this kind of oud oil back to our inventory. It is sweet, grape, incense like and a vibe of old time super king.

In the beginning of our oud journey we praise Allah that we seen things that other people may not never seen before. Such as super king chunks. This oud oil, Bungong Jeumpa Two reminiscent us to this chunk. In a relationship that was hard to explain, even though that super king I came across is olden time central Kalimantan and the Aceh is from Sumatra somehow the aroma is quite related.

Oh well the oil speak by itself! Because an exaggeration of word will interpolate your opinion on this oil.

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