I just got this from a friend, that make me both sad and angry. People make poisonous oud oil.


Trees that are stripped of their bark, painted with Monsanto’s Roundup, and then (due to the harsh chemicals used in RoundUp, which triggers oleoresin formation) within a month layers are shaved off the tree for distillation.
‘Racun’ = bahasa for ‘poison’ of course, so you can see how this type of oud got its name.
The wood is then usually distilled Rooh-style into Cendana oil, typically in a 1:9 ratio.

This is the only way distillers are able to compete with Thai plantation oud prices ($75 per tola is the latest figure I know of). “Toorad” (Trat) and “Murakkab” (constructed) are the bread and butter in Saudi Arabia right now. The last time we wholesaled to Saudi was in 2015. There’s of course still markets in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait etc, but the Saudi market demand is larger than the rest of the Arabian Gulf countries combined. So naturally, distillers have to operate according to the Saudi market preferences.
If you take the average price of even the cheapest (real) kayu minyak agarwood in Malaysia, then you can understand why everyone’s switched to the Racun+Cendana method. There’s no way distillers can even produce real oud (even the lowest grade) at $75/tola, let alone sell it.

It made me so angry !! Oud oil is for purpose not only for pleasure in gulf countries it is their culture and furthermore their part of religious practice. The advent of this is because some traders want to keep the profit for themselves and choking the distillers, and to survive they did this horrible act. May Allah rectify our matter.

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