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  • Red Sandalwood

    Red Sandalwood Oil

    $236.00$2,360.00 | 236.130501 USDT

    Sweet, Piercing, Woody and Multi facet kind of Sandalwood Oil, this is the red sandalwood oil.

    The red Sandalwood is a good quality sandalwood, that is meant for perfumer and for those who are interested in Sandalwood, but looking for something that is affordable. This sandalwood is good base for your attar or mukhallat making.

    We had export this sandalwood to many countries in Asia, Europe also send to UK.

    If you are questioning what species is this sandalwood, the species is Santalum Album. Harvested from Timor Island. From East Nusa Tenggara.

  • Jayapura Oud

    Jayapura Oud

    $400.00 | 400.221189 USDT

    Distilled in 2021 This is the specimen of wild oud from Papua, the aroma of this oud is generally sweet.  And with vibe of Chinese or Jamu herbal store, but not with this one. The aroma is uniquely sweet, purple, green, with a wet soil vibe in it, and you can feel the breeze of…

  • Sumbawa Oud

    Oud Oil Sumbawa Negeri Samawa

    $70.00$350.00 | 70.038708 USDT

    In 3 ml and 0.25 ml Sampler

  • Rosy Papua Oud

    Rosy Papua Oud

    $90.00$350.00 | 90.049767 USDT

    Available in sampler 0.25ml, 3 ml, 6 ml and 12 ml.

  • Oud Ibrahim Abu Tauhid

    $1,600.00 | 1600.884758 USDT

    Ultra Limited Oud Ibrahim Abu Tauhid at 3 ml size.

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